How do IVSA Indonesia (IMAKAHI) Members plan an Individual Exchange (Internship)?

  1. Ask Public Relation Department of PB IMAKAHI (About the placement country, type of practice, duration of the internship)
  2. Read “Rules of Individual Exchanges”
  3. Fill in Individual Exchange Application Form, Cover Letter (this letter should explain what your goals and what your past veterinary related work experience is, the flexibility of your schedule for the time period you request), Recommendation Letter (from your lecturer), and your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Public Relation Department PB IMAKAHI will process and contact the Exchange Officer of your chosen country to see if they can accommodate your request.
  5. If the chosen country is able to help you, then they will make the arrangements to find a placement for you with the help of PR Department PB IMAKAHI.
  6. Once the individual exchange has been confirmed by the hosting EO, the student MUST stay in contact with the host EO and PR Department PB IMAKAHI.

How to become Indonesian Delegates in IVSA Events?

  1. IVSA Indonesia/IMAKAHI by its Public Relation Department will inform the upcoming IVSA events through IVSA Indonesia/IMAKAHI Official Account (facebook pages, line, and instagram)
  2. Those who are interested in, may send their data to via email. By not going through the proper procedure, your application can be deemed invalid and might affect your application.
  3. The PR Department will reply the email by attaching the APPLICATION FORM that must be filled in to the Organizing Committee
  4. Selected delegations will be informed by email and can contact Exchange Officer Team/Public Relation Department of IVSA Indonesia/IMAKAHI regarding the preparation and details through

Here you can find “Exchange Manual” and “Standard Operational Procedure and Important Points for IVSA Indonesia Delegations on IVSA Events” Individual Exchange Programs