IVSA Indonesia Event Week 2016
63rd IVSA Congress 2014

“Thank you to everyone who have worked hard for this IVSA Asia Conference, so IVSA Asia Conference could be held in Indonesia next year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all IMAKAHI members. It will give a good impact for Indonesia by letting all of the delegates know about the uniquely and the diversity of Veterinary field in Indonesia. We hope that the fellow members of IMAKAHI would contribute to make this event proceed successfully.” – Febryan Abiyyu as President OC of 8th IVSA Asia Conference.

After successfully manage the 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia last august 2014 in 4 cities (Jakarta-Bogor-Yogyakarta-Bali), IMAKAHI is recently preparing for another big event for IVSA which is the 8th IVSA ASIA Conference in Surabaya that will take place in Airlangga University and Brawijaya University in Malang. And Bali is chosen as the Post-Conference host. It will be held at the end of July with the theme “Animal Health for a Better World”. The aim of this event is to share the perspectives and knowledges between all the participants.

The 8th IVSA ASIA Conference will open for approximately 80 veterinary students from universities across Asia, for instance Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Philippine, Japan, Palestine, Pakistan and so on.

On 26th-27th of November 2016, the Organizing Committees (OC) did the first General Meeting in Malang as the OCs come from different cities in Indonesia. We invited Galih Bagus Suprapto (president of PB IMAKAHI period 2014-2015) and Eki Bahtiar (president of IMAKAHI chapter Brawijaya University) to share and prepare the administration of the conference next year.


Here we would like to introduce our amazing team of 8th Asia Conference 2017:

President                                                         :         Febryan Abiyyu

Itinerary and Treasurer                                :         Lady Konfidenia Chintari, Hanny Priskila Kurniawan

Secretary and Delegation                            :         Auni Tenrilangi Moehadi, Kentari Hasna Lailyka

Publication, Documentation and Media   :         Intan Kirana Isnaeni

Sponsorship and Partners                          :         Dhiya Ulfa Ghiarli

Consumption                                                :         Raisi Putri Jorecio

Transportation and Accomodation           :        Taufik Tri Laksono, Atika Marwa

Steering Comittees                                      :         Fendy Fadillah Akbar, Malika Ulin Nuha, Berlian Widanti


As the theme is about animal health, we will provide the topic related seminars and workshops. Not only academic activities, but also there will be some social activities such as cultural night, cultural workshop, sing competition, talent show and many others! We would like to announce that there will be some visits to interesting places in Indonesia. By this event, we want to fasten the relationship between all the IVSA MOs especially in Asia. See you in Indonesia!