IVSA Thailand Winter Event 2019. Report by Elvina Nurfadhilah as Best Delegate



Created by: Elvina Nurfadhilah

University : IPB University

I. General Information of the Event

This event is one of the annual events of IVSA Thailand that provides us to meet and share the experience with new friends from the other IVSA around the globe. All of the delegates can share the information of their veterinary school life as a student and the culture of their countries. It is called ‘winter event’ because it was held at the end of December which is wintertime in some countries coincides with the end year holiday. This event was held on 20-26 December 2019 in Bangkok, Samut Songkhram, and Chonburi city in Thailand, with the delegates from Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Poland, and all committees from IVSA Thailand.


1.  Daily Activities

Day One

On the first day, we arrived in Bangkok and had an ice breaking time to introduce ourselves, both of the staffs and the representatives of each participant countries. We had a fine welcome dinner at the Baiyoke Sky Lounge (the tallest building in Bangkok) and saw an amazing view of Bangkok’s night on top. We stayed in Siam Stadium Hostel. (Bangkok Night View from Baiyoke Sky Lounge)

Day Two

The next day, we headed to the Snake Farm (Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute) in Bangkok, the first biggest snake farm in Asia. Its facilities ran by the Red Cross in Thailand. We learned about the snakes (anatomy, physiology), their venoms and anti-venoms, and had a snake show also. We had a lecture at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, one of the best vet schools in Thailand. We discussed the One Health issue with the one of best veterinary professors in Thailand, Prof. Dr. Achariya Sailasuta (TVMA) from FAVA. We were introduced to the FAVA (Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations) as a regional veterinary organization that served the veterinary needs of the region. We went to the Siam Paragon after the lecture to visit the amazing Bangkok Sea Life. After that, we spent our free night time in Train Night Market, JJ Night Market Yaowarat; Kaosan Road, Thong Lor; and China Town. The delegates chose their place to go between those three.

Day Three

On this day, we spent our morning in Wat Arun, one of the iconic temples and one of the ‘must to go’ destination in Thailand. We had a lecture at Kasetsart University, the other best veterinary school in Thailand. We learned and discussed how to do an equine examination and its important diseases in Thailand. The teacher was Assist. Prof. Dr. Worakij Cherdchutham DVM, Ph.D. We left Bangkok to go to Samut Songkhram, and we had a night well spent in Amphawa Floating Market. We stayed in Baan Loylom Farmstay, the riverside hotel.


Day Four

We spent our morning traveling around the hotel by walk. We went to the Adventure Park to do boat riding, plant the mangroves, and have some water sport and game activities in Blood Cockle Farm. We had seafood lunch in the middle of the river. At night, we did the cultural night activities to share our cultures like doing some performances using the national costumes and share our signature food from each participant’s countries.


Day Five

On the fifth day, we fed the monk in the boat in the morning and went to Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center to have a lecture there. We watched the video about the importance of the sea turtle and its conservation by the Royal Thai Navy. We also surrounded the place to see the sea turtles conservation and met many Thailand sea turtles species. The population of sea turtles in Thailand itself is decreasing over the time, so the Thai Kingdom needs legal conservation to save the sea turtles and made this conservation. We spent our day until the sunset in the Amphoe Sattahip Beach. We headed back to the hotel in PP House (Leelawadee House) and enjoyed the barbeque and swimming time at night.


Day Six

On day six, we traveled to Suan Nong Nooch Garden in the morning. It has a beautiful view and it’s one of the worthwhile places to visit in Thailand. We spent our day in Khao Kheow Open Zoo to see some animals and their shows, and interact with them also. Unfortunately, we only watched the Elephant Swimming Show on this day. We went back to Bangkok and stayed in the Siam Stadium Hostel, the same hostel on the first day of stay in Bangkok. We wrote some words in the papers to the delegates and the staffs as the goodbye presents.


Day Seven

The last day, we had a breakfast, goodbye hugs, and flight back to our countries.

III. Benefit from the Event

There are so many good things that I get from this event, especially the relationship with all the delegates and staffs from different IVSA. Everyone’s so humble and super fun to talk to. They are all cared about each other. I got some souvenirs from the teacher and the staffs also. Thank you! I am super amazed by the facilities of the universities. Both of those two universities have dormitories for their students. The buildings of Chulalongkorn University are so amazing. They have classic Thai architecture design for each building with the ponds of lotus surrounded them. The class I entered was so big and comfortable. In Kasetsart University, the chairs are like the theatres have (super comfy seats for sure!). Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to go around the vet school and the animal hospital building of Kasetsart University. I think it would be great if we had the chance. I only saw the radiology hallway in the animal hospital while walking to the class.(The dormitory building)


The animal hospital building is enormous! It’s just like the human hospital, like the crowd, the waiting areas, the hallway, the registration area, and so on. I think that the facilities are perfect and super modern. It has their own laboratory and other medicinal services such as emergency care, radiology, and others. It has elevators also for the patients. The patients get some quick responses to the medicinal services from the vets and the hospital’s staffs. From the first lecturer, I learned more about the One Health issue from its expert. It is the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. I also learned a little bit about FAVA (Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations). I’m impressed and super proud that two of my lecturers in the

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB University are the FAVA’s executive committee 2018-2020 (Dr. Heru Setijanto (IVMA) as the president and Dr. Bambang Pontjo Priosoeryanto (IVMA) as the general secretary). From the second lecturer, I learned about how to do an equine examination and learned about it common diseases in Thailand. I also learned about how to do the treatment of its diseases. Basically, it’s quite similar to Indonesia, both of the examination and the diseases such as Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and trypanosomiasis (T. evansi). I admit that they have a lot of modern technologies to do the treatment, and they produce their own drugs for the diseases. I got so many new experiences while joining this event. I never fed the monk in the boat before. I never do the plant mangroves activity also. It was a great opportunity. I had to step on the mud to plant them. What a weird feeling but it’s really fun, trust me! We met the monkeys after planting the mangroves. They’re looking for food from the hole we made by our steps. I’m not sure what kind of food they’re looking for, maybe it’s a crab?This is my very first time having lunch in the middle of the river. We stopped in the house on stilts there and got some fresh Thai seafood cuisines. I enjoyed every Thai cuisine, such as the street food and the seafood. In the open zoo, it’s my first time seeing an elephant swimming show. And the last one, I never see the floating market in my real life, but again, I can see and enjoy it in this event.


IV.  In Indonesia especially at IPB University, we need about 4 years or 8 semesters to get our bachelor degree of veterinary medicine first. The next 1,5-2 years will be the co-assistant program for the graduated veterinary student. It’s quite similar to Thai vet students, they also have to finish the 5 years vet program to get the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree without the co-assistant program. Thai vet students have to wear the uniform in their schools to enter the classes. In Indonesia, it’s all up to the students, as long as they wear formal or polite outfit. The technologies used in Thai vet schools are more modern, I think. They got the latest tools to examine and treat the patients. The animal hospitals are also at a whole new level. I hope that Indonesia will have an animal hospital as great as Thailand’s someday!


V. To be honest, I can’t mention my best memory from this event, because all of the memories I had at this event are the best! But if I had to say so, I would say that being at Chulalongkorn University and Kasetsart University then had a class there is my best experience I ever had while joining the IVSA Thailand Winter Event 2019. Besides that, met, spent and enjoyed the event with all of the delegates and staffs are the best memory also.


VI. For all of the veterinary students especially in Indonesia, you have to join this kind of event. It’s a week well spent and unforgettable. I can say that because we can learn the new vet things from the other country while enjoying our winter holiday. We can meet new friends, travel to another country, get some new experiences, knowledge and so on. I can say that this event is kind of a holiday with a mini exchange program to learn more about veterinary medicine things.

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