IVSA Indonesi X IVSA Japan Online Group Exchange 2020. Report by Leonita Sephira Soebagio as Best Delegate


IVSA Indonesia x IVSA Japan Online Exchange

Created by: Leonita Sephira Soebagio

University : University Gadjah Mada

Gadjah Mada University IVSA Indonesia x IVSA Japan Online Exchange Program was an online-based program in which we used Zoom Cloud platform. The main event of this exchange was a discussion regarding universities response on Covid-19, One Health Implementation, culture, tourism, food and of course the difference between IVSA activities in Japan and in Indonesia. Although being held online, this event did help us bond with other vet students and establish a good relationship with them too. It lasted for one day, on August 16th 2020 but there are two session on the exchange agenda. Those who joined in this event were vet student from Indonesia and Japan. As for Indonesia Delegates there are: Muhammad Suryadiningrat (Surya); Dinny Mellyna (Dinny); and Ratna Wahyuning (Ratna) from Airlangga University, Muhammad Ariq (Ariq) from IPB University, Florencia Halim (Flo) from Brawijaya University, Nadya W (Nadya); Andria Meidina (Andria); Shafira Salwa (Fira); Galih Aji (Galih); and me from Gadjah Mada University. As for Japan Delegates there are Nori, Taji, Daisuke (Serichan), Ayako (Aya), Sakura, Wateshin, Kazuki Tosa, Kanon, Mio, Kento Eki. Public Relation team of PB IMAKAHI and the President of PB IMAKAHI are also present to help us organized this event along with the President of IVSA Japan and the other delegates of IVSA Japan.

Our meeting lasted for 4 hours with 2 session and divided by a one hour break. The first activity in our exchange agenda was of course the introduction of the delegates from each country and in our introduction, we included a fun fact about Indonesia. The introduction started from the Indonesia delegates and after that the Japan delegates took turns.

After that we entered our first topic of our exchange program which is about presentation and discussion about Covid-19. Japan goes first on this activity and Wateshin was the presenter of this activity. He talked about the Japan’s measures and university reaction regarding Covid-19. He told us that Japan’s government distributed masks to all homes but there was a problem because the ability of masks to prevent the spread of viruses are still questionable. The health department in Japan assigned people who meet therequirements to be considered infected to be placed in specific hospitals. Japan also applied the Avoid Three Cs (San-Mitsu), he also told us about Covid-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) that are provided by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, it was an app that helps with tracing COVID-19’s infected patients. University response to Covid-19 in Japan are by holding online classes and partial face to face classes for practical training but Kitasato’s University was holding a face to face classes as usual because there are not many infected people in their area.

After that Indonesia’s turn was represented by Galih and Ratna. Galih and Ratna told us about universities responses on Covid-19 and One Health Implementation in Indonesia. All clases in Indonesia’s universities are online due to Covid-19 outbreak, and there are some innovation from universities such as: Gadjah Mada University’s Gama Swab Sampling Chamber and innovation from collaboration of Airlangga University and ITS called RAISA (Robot Medical Assistant ITS-Unair). Galih also told us that Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture has opened a volunteering program for college student majoring in medical health sector to serve in various roles ranging from spreading information to educating the public about Covid-19. Aside from that, universities held tons of online seminars to discuss about Covid-19 from various perspectives. Ratna then told us about One Health implementation in Indonesia. After that this activity followed by discussion about this topic and at first we were still discussing about covid-19 topic but after some time we mostly talk about casual subjects and many random questions popped up.

Our next activity is building blocks of self introduction, it was a good session of ice breaking and one of Indonesia delegates successfully flirt with oe of the Japan delegates, it was so cute and there was good jokes that light up the atmosphere and make the activity very enjoyable for all. After that we took an hour break and moved to the second session.

The second session started with Cultural topic and Ayako shared about Japan culture. She talked about Japanese seasonal events for example Hanami, Summer Festival, Shogatsu and many more. After that Fira and me talked about our culture and our national motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. And then Sakura told us about high school life in Japan, it was very interesting and different from Indonesia’s high school. After the cultural exchange, we had tourism and food exchange. Ariq, Flo, Andria, and Nadya told us about the tourism and food around Indonesia. And after that we moved on to the next topic and that is about IVSA activities. Zaki and Flo told us about IVSA Indonesia/IMAKAHI activities, the events and many more about IMAKAHI after that Nadya told us about Veterinary Education in Indonesia. Nori told us about IVSA Japan activities and Taji told us about Japan Association Veterinary Students (JAVS), about what is JAVS and their main events.

And then the last agenda would be a cultural performance. Dinny was singing a song from Didi Kempot called Bojo Anyar and her voice was amazing, we really enjoyed her singing and it was a very great performance, many of Indonesia delegates also sing along her. For the closing games, we played a game in Kahoot and it was very exciting and challenging, the winner was kak Andre followed by kak Angel in second place and kak Zaki in the third place all from Indonesia! 

IVSA Indonesia x IVSA Japan Online Exchange Program is my second exchange program, and like the first exchange, although it was held online but togetherness can still be felt. Thanks to different topic and activities in this exchange, it provided me with a lot of useful information about campus facilities, academic culture, and universities responses due to Covid-19 pandemic. I didn’t find much difficulties during my second exchange because I feel a lot more comfortable and both the other delegates and the Public Relation team of PB IMAKAHI still so nice and friendly. I appreciate this valuable opportunity to interact with people from different places and it was a fun time of discussing and we got to play games in our exchange program. And I found myself more and more amazed by Japan culture, after the Japan delegates told us about their culture it was so beautiful and it was the same as what I saw in comics and anime even more beautiful and exciting. I got experience, knowledge, new friends and there is so many benefits that I got from this program and I wish I can follow another exchange program from IVSA. 

We are not focused to discuss about vet education but we talked about IVSA Activities in Japan and in Indonesia. Sakura also talked about high school life in Japan. So in Japan there aren’t any national exam in elementary and middle school so everyone will graduates in the same age. And then in high school there is still no national exam. And then when lunch, Japan student often had bento box, the school uniform and rules also different form Indonesia. The school event they have are so much more exciting than in here, such as their sports day and school festival. The departement in IVSA Japan are different from IMAKAHI and the International Planning departement was very great, they invite a veterinarian who is specialized in something on vet field and they wil organize a lecture meeting or hold a workshop and they have their journal called Kemono TIMES. Japan also has JAVS, and that is a association of veterinary students all over Japan that have more than 1000 people so basically JAVS is the IMAKAHI in Japan.

A lot of fun things happened in this online echange program, from the start I joined the IVSA Indonesia delegates group chat until the end of the program, there was also our delegate who teased the Japan delegate and it was so cute. We have a very great time on our exchange program and we even chat on our social media get to know each other well and we also happily talked about food in here and how unique we eat all the side dishes with rice even eating pizza with rice. Another Indonesian delegates is very nice and many funny people in there, I am happy because we can get close even though we never met in person. My best memories is when we played game in this program, playing building blocks of introduction was not my best but it still fun and the Kahoot quiz also very exciting because we got to guess the Japan tourism. We got to laugh because funny things happened in this program and what I love the most too is when we have free time after the activities. We can talk about anything with other delegates and get to know each other more and our culutral performance was very beautiful. It was such an amazing program and really gave me a lot of beautiful memories.

I want others to know that it is still okay if you don’t speak English fluently, you don’t have to be insecure with your abilities and if you want to try harder, many people will help you. In this exchange program, PR team will help you, the other delegates will help you too. And we respect each other. We support each other. The program went very well, we even have Whatsapp group with the IVSA Japan delegates and in the group we can talk about everything. The people in this program are all very nice although from my opinion they’re a little bit shy but still very nice. So this program is a very good opportunity for those who wants to be better at making friends with many people. It is an unforgettable memories I have experienced.

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