Press Release IVSA Indonesia x IVSA Japan Online Group Exchange 2020

Group exchange is a form of activity resulted from cooperation between two or more MOs and organized by a group of people to obtain a comparison of between two or more MOs. IVSA Indonesia x IVSA Japan Online Group Exchange is a form of collaborative activity between two IVSA Member Organizations (MO) which aims to introduce the pre-professional world and promote culture and tourism in both countries. This activity is carried out by online teleconference via Zoom.

For our second Online Group Exchange, IVSA Indonesia and IVSA Japan agrees to held it on August 16th 2020. The event begin with a short speech by President of IVSA Indonesia, EO of IVSA Indonesia and the Coordinator of the exchange from IVSA Japan. It is then followed by a 1 minute introduction for each delegate by telling their name, year of study, university and a fact about their country. After getting to know each other, the event then went on to do the next agenda which is Discussion on Covid-19, University Response and Government Response. This agenda started with IVSA Japan giving a short presentation about the situation on Covid-19 in Japan and how each University have different response depending on the area of the University. Some universities still do offline course as the surrounding area doesn’t have many cases of Covid-19 and so on. After that, it is IVSA Indonesia’s turn to do a short presentation on the topic. By this presentation, we know that some of the universities in Indonesia made innovations such as Swabbing chamber by UGM, RAISA which is a robot created by UNAIR and ITS and many more. This agenda is then followed by a discussion regarding this topics but it also a session in which the delegates also asks questions outside of the topics. 

The next agenda for the first session is Building blocks of self-introductory. It is a game suggested by IVSA Japan. How it works is that, it starts with someone telling their name and a fact about themselves and then the next person will then do the same but adds the fact about the previous person and so on. This activity promotes the delegates to get to know each other better and we get to learn some interesting facts about each person. After this the session is then concluded with a one hour break. 

The next agenda is an introduction of each MO, each Mo is given a time to talk and introduce their MO that includes a little bit of history, current situations and current activities. , this topic is carried out as an effort to exchange information about each organization, it is hoped that each country can get positive insight on each other. IMAKAHI get the opportunity to introduce our annual programs such as our National Community Service, VSE, IVSA Class and others. This got a positive response from IVSA Japan which also then introduces their MO and JAVS. JAVS or Japan Association of Veterinary Student is the umbrella organization in which have more than a thousand members. 

Next it is time to introduce culture, tourism and food. Delegates give a short presentation on various aspects of tourism in both countries ranging from food, places, to hidden gems in the area. Places such as Bali, Toraja, Kyoto and Osaka were brought up and introduced as well as various traditional food from each countries. Tradition customs in each countries were brought up like a wedding ceremony in Japan to burial ceremony in Indonesia.

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