Q&A all about IVSA Scholarship Grant

At this time, we are very honored to be able to do an interview section with the IVSA Scholarship Grant awardee. Here is what they said about the program. They also give us some Tips and Tricks to win the scholarship!


  • What is IVSA Scholarship Grant?


Subash Belbase, IVSA junior ambassador for OIE-2018/19:  IVSA scholarship grant is grant worth 1000€ funded by Development Fund of IVSA that enables the veterinary students to persuade their internship at the veterinary placement that they have chosen. It contains the multiple scholarship awarded twice a year.


Desmond Afagbedzi, member of IVSA Kumasi, Ghana:  IVSA scholarship grant is an award which gives the winner up to £1000 to fund his/her internship at a veterinary placement of your own choice or an IVSA or veterinary program.


  • Where and When did the internship takes place? Should we contact the internship place first or not?


Subash: Internship must be completed within 9 months of the date of receipt of scholarship. The internship must be done at the veterinary placement that the applicant had chosen. In my opinion, we must contact the internship place before submitting the application because confirming the place will redue the risk of rejection from the site after the publication of result. In addition to this, confirmation of place lead in well organised internship plan thereby increase the chance of selection.


Desmond: My program took place at the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine and that was during the winter from 27th January 2019 to 23rd February 2019.

It is very important and necessary to contact the University or place you want to have the internship so that misfortunes will not get in your way.


  • How is the financing system of the program?


Subash: The winner is reimbursed with the maximum amount of 1000€ after completing their internship or visit. The winner must fill up  and submit the expenditure form and report provided by IVSA indicating the expenses of travel, accommodation, fooding, etc. The extra expenses besides those not related to internship purpose is not  reimbursed.


Desmond: For my program all the cost involved was paid myself. This includes the reason why I applied for the scholarship. The cost involved was very huge.




  • What factors could make it work out to pass the selection process?



Subash: There are several factors that determine the selection process, The main factors include: 1. Academic Excellence and contribution in veterinary sector as a student. 2. Internship site and topic  3. Well organized internship plan. 4. Excellent motivational letter with necessary supporting documents (supporting documents include: offer letter, recommendation, budget, etc).


Desmond: Factors that will make it work out for the selection process include being part of an active IVSA membership, your chapter should also be an active participant of IVSA programs, your University should be aware of the internship and you must be an active member of your ivsa chapter.



  • What kind of Motivational letter that fit to pass the selection process?



Subash: Motivational letter must not be much lengthy rather you should indicate your things in points. It must be catchy and you should clearly indicate your purpose with detail plan of your internship.  It is always better to write the motivational letter after you receive the offer letter from the site/professor.  The motivational letter should be creative rather than copying from any source.



Desmond: For my motivation letter, I was realistic by letting them know my participation in my IVSA chapter, positions I have held, why I want to attend the externship, my financial problems and how the program will benefit others including me and my country as a whole.



  • Last but not least, after receiving the scholarship by doing the internship, what should we do next?



Subash: After receiving the scholarship and  completing  the internship, we must try to implement the skills we learned. Secondly, we should dessiminate the knowledge, skills  that we learned to and among the colleagues, veterinary students and institutions. And of course, we must motivate the students who really need the scholarship to apply.



Desmond: I think after receiving the scholarship, you have to write a report about the program, why you were there and what you learnt and also encourage other students to apply for the scholarship.



Tips and Tricks for Applying:


When you contact your place of internship be sure to make inquiries about how much you will spend during your stay for accommodation, transport, food and other necessary items.

I was very happy, grateful and glad to have such an opportunity and it was amazing that after winning the scholarship there was no long process in giving me the money. All that was required were my receipts to confirm my program was a valid one. – Desmond Afagbedzi, member of IVSA Kumasi, Ghana

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