IVSA Scholarship Grant: IVSA Scholarship Guidelines

Hi, vets! The application for the IVSA Scholarship Grant is now open! Grab the chance to win €1000 scholarship to fund your internship. The internship must be a veterinary placement approved by your veterinary faculty. Public Relation Team will not accept any emails after 2nd December 2019 23:59 WIB (GMT +7).

Specific Guidelines for the documents that are required for the application:

1. Motivation Letter: Should contain a maximum of 500 words. It should give an insight of the applicant’s IVSA involvement, veterinary related work and extracurricular experience. It must include a clear statement of what the application intends to learn/gain from the internship and how the experience/knowledge will be of use to the applicant. Other motivations should also be included in the motivation letter.

2. CV: Should contain a list of professional and social projects/events that the applicant have been involved in previously or currently taking part in. Max 2 A4 Pages.

3. Budget: Should contain the following;

a) Applicant’s source of income in euros (e.g family, university, work, government etc)

b) Applicant’s tuition fees and clear statement of  applicant’s monthly income/expenses statement indication monthly/annual income/expenses report in euros.

c) Whether the applicant has received or currently receiving any scholarships (e.g WVA/MSD Scholarsip, Hills Next Generation Award etc)

d) A preliminary budget for the internship stating the cost of visa, flights, accommodation, feeding, transportations (at the internship locations) and other expenses to be incurred.

4. 2 Recommendation Letters: One of the recommendation letters must be an approval of the internship from the applicant’s University Authority or Dean stating that the internship is genuine i.e that the internship is for academic purposes and that the applicant have been permitted to go for it, the other recommendation letter must be a recommendation in favor of the applicant from a member of teaching staff of the applicant’s faculty.

5. Confirmation of internship: Could be a screenshot of an email or a scanned confirmation letter from the proposed internship institution (teaching hospital, university, clinic, etc) indicating that the applicant have been admitted for the internship including starting the date of the internship.


  • The applicant can obtain the application form by sending email to Public Relation team of IVSA Indonesia (pb.imakahi@yahoo.com) with the subject written as ‘IVSA Scholarship Grant 2019’ stating;
    Phone Number:
  • Applications that are not through Public Relation of IVSA Indonesia can’t be considered, as Public Relation team will send out recommendation letter to IVSA DAD stating the membership status of the applicants. In which, this recommendation letter are considered as required documents.
  • All documents must be uploaded in PDF (.pdf) format while filling out the Google Form.
  • Applicants should convert their original currency to Euro while making the budget .
  •  Having an internship plan before applying for the scholarship strengthens an applicants application.
  • If you encounter a problem while filling out the Google Form or have a general enquiry regarding the scholarship, please contact pb.imakahi@yahoo.co.id or developmentfund@ivsa.org.

Scholarship Program Rules

1. So long the minimum duration of the experience of the internship institution (veterinary teaching hospital, veterinary clinic, university etc) is four weeks, a selected applicant may proceed to combine the internship with an IVSA event (the annual congress, symposium or SAVMA congress).
2. Selected applicants have nine months from the time that they received a confirmation email to have completed the internship.
3. An applicant will have to organize his/her own project, although he/she could reach out to the MOD via facebook.com/ivsa.mod or mod@ivsa.org to seek assistance in getting in touch with Exchange Officers of Member Organization.
4. The money must be used for educational purposes and essential expenses such as food, transport and accommodation. Selected applicants are not allowed to spend the money for touristic attractions, these should be for their own expenses.
5. Selected applicants must submit a report to the DAD (developmentfund@ivsa.org) after the internship. The report should be around two (2) A4 Pages (samples can be provided by the DAD on demand). The report must contain information on the awardee’s experience – why he/she was there, cases he/she witnessed, lectures he/she attended and most importantly, the skills/knowledge acquired during the internship.
6. Selected applicants must submit the written report (as above) and finanical report with receipts (samples of layouts can be provided by the DAD on demand), after these have been submitted, the awardee shall be reimbursed to the maximum amount he/she was granted. IVSA cannot reimburse any expense without a receipt.

Best of luck!


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