Winter IVSA Event in South Korea, Report by Nadhira Ayu Salsabila as Best Delegate

Winter IVSA Event In South Korea 2018

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Name: Nadhira Ayu Salsabila
University: Universitas Gadjah Mada

Winter in Korea event was held from 15-20 January 2018 in Busan, South Korea and Gyeong-ju, South Korea. The event’s purpose is to make wonderful memories and build relations with other IVSA’s Delegates from the other countries. The program contains various activities throughout the city of Busan and Gyeong-Ju.

The arrival day of the event is on the 15th January, me and five other Indonesian Delegates went with the same plane and arrived at the Gimhae International Airport together at 7 a.m, where we are supposed to wait until 11 a.m to be picked up by the Korean O.C. at 10.30ish when we were renting a portable Wi-fi, we got approached by four people asking if we’re the Indonesian Delegates for the Winter in South Korea Event. We said yes but it was a little bit funny because we changed the meeting point because there is six of us. Anyway we met with delegates from Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand who is picked up at the same time we did, then we took the subway to the hostel which roughly takes an hour or so from the airport. It was absolutely freezing in Busan, The temperature is 5 degrees or so when we got out of the airport.
We arrived at the Canvas Hostel and since the actual event starts at 3 p.m, we put our luggage in the lobby and go out with the other and some O.Cs to find something to eat then we head to the beach to just take some picture and watch people feed the birds, it was really entertaining. After, we checked in our hostel in which my roommates are: Via (Indonesia), Tola (Taiwan) and Judy (Taiwan). But Tola and Judy arrived at later time. We had a welcome dinner later that night, It was in Centum Shisegae Dept. Store, a buffet of sort, but we were first introduced to our groups and we eat with our respective groups.

My group consist of Melissa (Malaysia), Eunmo (South Korea), Mo (Thailand), Marie (France), Younjung (Taiwan), Han (South Korea), Jerome, Bianca and Hyosub as our O.C.
The 2nd Day is where the activities began. We are going around Busan to do missions and collect points, for examples “get a 95 or 100 scores at Coin Karaoke; or “get over 300 point at Basketball game in arcade” and so on and on. It was out of my expectations since the activities is somehow introducing young people culture of South Korea, in which it is very refreshing. Our group got our 100 of course! Courtesy of Eunmo’s singing.

And this is our group photo for the “Take a picture as if you’re best friends in Seomyeon Jeonpo Café Street”

We had lunch then continued on to Nampodong to continue our missions, we had 10 missions in Nampodong but we only got to do 5 because it was raining and it is decided that we shouldn’t continue our missions and just head back to the Hostel because the Culture Night will start at around 6 p.m. The Indonesian Delegates went with the ‘Something Batik’ Dress code and we decorated our stand with various food such as: Roti Manis, Onde-onde, Kripik Pisang, Kripik Nangka and Kripik Tempe.

Then we interacted around with the others and try on some food, we were so full by the end of the night.
Day 3, In which we went from Busan to Gyeong-ju by bus. The trip went for an hour or so until we arrived at Bulguksa Seokguram, we got a free time to take a look and pictures around, it was raining so we kept our umbrella close. The place is absolutely stunning, it’ll made you feel like you’re transported to an older time and not 2018.

After that we head to the lunch place, we’re going to eat a traditional Korean food with shrimp and octopus. This meal is definitely my favorite food. Can’t believe the camera actually picked up how hungry I looked at the time.

After lunch we went to Gyeongju Tower and Art Museum nearby, in which it showcased some traditional art of South Korea. Then we went to another museum, this museum is more of a history of the Silla Kingdom and trinkets from the ancient time. It also held some armour and crown of the late Silla Kingdom King and Queen. Next, we went to Cheomseongdae and Anapji Pond, we took some group pictures then head to dinner in Gyeongju. After dinner we went back to Busan by bus.

Day 4 starts with us having an early breakfast then commenced with going on our way to the Let’s Run Park. We are greeted by the sight of tall buildings and large stables, with some ponies outside doing exercise, It was a really cold morning and we were quickly ushered inside to a hospital that is specialized for horses. We went around to see a lot of high-tech equipment and we saw a live horse being diagnosed. We exited the animal hospital and entered the stables. It was massive, packed with many horses. Riding horses, Racing horses, Ponies, you name it, it’s in there. We went around, interacted with some horses then we are ushered to the next room to continue on with the explanations.

After a short explanations regarding some riding equipment, we are given a big room to eat lunch. It has a very nice view that we can see the riding track around the building. We ate and talked then continue on with our journey.
We then rode the buss to SAHA Animal Medical Clinic, which is a clinic that is mostly concentrated for cats and dogs. But mostly dogs patients dominate more than the cats patients. It has the most amazing interior design for a clinic that I’ve ever seen. We are divided into three groups so that we can have a comfortable tour around the clinic. We went around the lobby, the examination rooms for cats and for dogs, the treatment room, the CT room and so on and so on. The rooms were nicely placed around the building.

After the tour, we are all gathered in a room seated to hear a short presentation about the history of SAHA AMC, and we are given small token of souvenirs from SAHA AMC. Then dinner time came, we went back to Busan then had dinner in a place near Shinsegae, where we eat a traditional Korean food, I chose rice, and some chose noodle with clam. It was really good, I love it so much.

Then we took a subway to Haeundae area where it had a light festival at night, where we get a free time to take pictures for about 40 minutes. We also took some pictures in a bay area that is famous in Busan.

Day 5 begins with breakfast, after breakfast we are scheduled to go to Centum Shisegae Department Store. The night before we were given 3 choices regarding what do we want to do in the Department Store: Ice Skating, Sauna or Shopping. We went by subway and were given 2 hours time to do the activity, after that we met at the meeting point at the given time. The Shinsegae department store itself is massive, and held many stores for International brands.

After everyone had finished their activities, we went and take a walk to the lunch place. Then we were given the choice of whether we want a spicy food or not spicy, I wanted to try the spicy one and turns out it was great and thankfully it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. I personally don’t know what the food’s name is but I can describe it as; cheesy, succulent chicken meat and great sauce. This one is definitely my second favorite food.

After lunch, we prepared ourselves to go to Busan Aquarium, it is a little bit far from the place we ate lunch so we are divided to groups and just went by Taxi. The aquarium itself is different from aquariums I’ve visited back in Indonesia. The architecture was unique, it offers variety of sea animals such as: Giant squid, Penguins, Sharks and many more. We were so lucky that we got the chance to see two of the feeding shows in Busan Aquarium. Although at the shark feeding shows, the sharks were mostly asleep it was still fun nonetheless.

After we finished the tour inside the Busan Aquarium, we went outside, and since the aquarium is near the beach, we decided to take some pictures on the beach. Then we are given free time until around 6 pm before we have to go to the place we are going to have our farewell dinner.

The farewell dinner is a buffet all you can eat type, and the place itself is very exclusive. The food is very western with wide variety of things we can choose from sushi to lamb, freshly prepared! My favorites are the beefs, the desserts, the ice creams and the mango!

We went back to the hotel after we finished with our dinner. Our next activity is the white T-shirt party where people wrote on each other’s t-shirt not only signatures but small memos. I love writing on people’s t-shirt although sometimes I got stuck on what to write, but the activity itself is a really fun bonding time.

The last activity was actually a surprise one because suddenly we are ushered outside and were given two stick firework each and we lit it up together outside while its 1 degrees out. Absolutely no regrets though. On the plus side, it is very fun!.

That sums up on what I did in ‘Winter in South Korea 2018’.But in all honesty, I feel like a week is too short. I definitely want more time to spend with all the other delegates, but sadly things do come to an end. The good thing is the event taught me a lot about veterinary in South Korea and some other countries, it gave me a little bit of an insight of what IVSA is really about, it also allows a more personal cultural exchange between the delegates, and I got a lot of precious friends from the event!

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