The 9th IVSA Conference in Taiwan, Report by Aisyah Inayatillah as Best Delegate

The 9th Asia Conference In Taiwan 2018

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Name: Aisyah Inayatillah
University: Brawijaya University

The 9th Asia Conference 2018 was held in Taipei and Taichung on July 2nd – 9th 2018. From this event, I get more knowledge about other Asia countries in all aspects, culturally, and veterinary-wise. There are 50 delegates from 8 different countries and 37 organizing committees involved in this event.
2nd July 2018
On the first day after I arrived in Taiwan, the Organization Committee (OC)s picking up delegates and take us to Duckstay Hostel to registration and take a rest for a while. At night, the event was started with an introduction, ice breaking and then play the games. After that, we going to a restaurant at Ximending street to get our first dinner. After getting special food menu for the first dinner, we had free time to go to ximending night market.
3rd July 2018
On the second day after breakfast, we are going to Veterinary National Taiwan University (NTU) buildings campus by Taiwan MRT. The event started with the opening ceremony was opened by Dr. Tony Tsai from President of Taiwan Companion Animal Medical Association. The next after opening ceremony is introduction coordinator IVSA Taiwan and all OC Team. After that, we had the NTU campus tour and then play the games. Chi-Ru Chen (she’s OC from group 1) show us how to play Yo-yo dance and we had to try one by one. After we enjoy a short campus tour, we went to the National Palace Museum. The National Palace Museum has permanent collection 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world. Most of the collection are high-quality pieces by China’s emperors. After enjoying 3 hours visit the National Palace Museum, we had to one of the largest and most popular an underground food paradise in Taiwan that was Shilin night market.  Many of Taiwan’s traditional foods can we found and bought for reasonable prices from the friendly locals who are eager to let you taste the unique flavors of their traditional recipes such as giant fried chicken steak, tempura, bubble tea, oyster vermicelli oyster omelet, fried buns and of course, the most notorious Taiwanese goodie, stinky tofu.
4th  July 2018
On the third day, we depart to NTU campus. When we arrived, we get a special dog population management lecture by Kuo Hsuan from TVMSA. We discussed overcrowding shelter, how to educated Taiwanese to treated and trained their pet nicely to prevent overwhelmed homeless animal, last year spotlight after a vet’s shelter committed to suicide after becoming overwhelmed animals she had to put down and about Taiwanese has banned euthanizing stray animals in the shelter, and many other things. After the lecture, we had a lunch break and then proceed to another special lecture about Animal Care and Nutrition. At the evening, we go back to the Ducstay Hotel and prepare for culture night! It’s very fun than all delegates from 8 different countries wearing traditional clothes and serves food & drink from our country. At culture night, we don’t prepare something to be shown just bringing some batik keychain from Indonesia.
5th July 2018
It was a bright sunny morning as we took the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station. Walk another 2 minutes straight and we reach Taipei Zoo main entrance which is super huge. Within the zoo, there are many exhibition buildings (education center, penguin house, koala house and etc), exhibition area (formosan animal area, children zoo, desert animal area, Australian animal, African animal and etc) and outdoor nature observation area. To be honest, I’m not finish walking the entire Zoo and skipped some parts of it due to not enough time and quite tired walking After enjoy amazing Taipei Zoo, we had moved to Sisi Nancun and Taipei 101 observatory. Sisi nancun is located just south of Taipei 101, there’s one of the tourist attraction homes to a museum detail the history and culture of the village as well as some cafés. It’s hard to describe this place in words but it’s a must-visit place for a photo shoot as well and it was located just beside the entrance hall of Taipei 101 observatory. Taipei 101 observatory tower was the third tallest building in the world, the mall is found at the base and we shop some of after visiting the tower. The last schedule of the day is a move to Taichung that takes two hours by a bus and we arrived at late night.
6th  July 2018
We started our first day in Taichung to Clinics visiting Animal Taiwan Hospital. The first floor consists of rooms for the waiting room, receptionist, clinical diagnosis, necropsy area, and circular classroom auditorium for clinical demonstration. Located on the second and third floor are the in-patient treatment, quarantine facilities, intensive care unit, CT scanner, x-ray room and etc. After visit Animal Taiwan Hospital, we had lectures and welcoming violin performance from the President of National Animal Hospital. The lecture is about an emergency, ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) of First Aid, examination of an injured animal, recovery mode, effect of euthanasia on veterinarians, and how to help pet owners to make a decision about euthanasia and etc. In the middle of that lecture, we had a lunch and coffee break. After completed all of the lectures from National Animal Hospital, we had moved to Yishong Street market. Its free time and we got some of the food references that considered special in Taiwan such as egg crepes, fatty chicken nuggets, half-moon shaped snack, spicy hotpot, fengren ice, almond tea, red bean cake and etc. Yizhong street is also mainly flanked by shophouses.
7th  July 2016
We started our second day in Taichung by group walk to finding our breakfast and bought some snack back to Indonesia. After we got breakfast, we take the bus to Tunghai University (THU), Taichung. Tunghai University full of elites buildings,  and abundant resources and is well-known for its beautiful campus. With its spacious campus an ideal environment, Tunghai has also had Luce Chapel is one of the most famous and visited landmarks. Beside the Luce Chapel, Tunghai is also well known for its scenic spots such as the campus mall, Tunghai Lake, traditional Chinese style buildings and the spacious Tunghai farm. After enjoying a campus tour, we had to moved to TCASA animal shelter in Taichung. Taichung animal shelter takes in animal given up by a citizen and provides the stray animal with a suitable space and there are also with exhibition areas of dog. I don’t know all of the stories behind the dogs but mostly they had foot accident after stay long enough to catch the dog at the shelter, we had to move to the next schedule, but suddenly Taichung had a heavy rain, so the OCs decided to canceled Gaomei wetlands visit The last of this day is meeting voting for the Host of 8th IVSA Asia Conference. From the result of the vote, Japan was chosen to the next host. After the vote the next host of IVSA AC, I decided to satisfy my appetite boast at the Yizhong night market that was located just 10 minutes straight walk from our hotel, Kiwi Express hotel.
8th July 2018
Just under 2 hours bus ride from Taichung lies the majestic misty Sun Moon Lake. With a surface area 7.93 km2, the Sun Moon Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. Sun moon lake surrounded by a stunning mountainous backdrop, picturesque bicycle routes and its clear turquoise waters. The day was closed white t-shirt party. It’s really fun! All delegates really enjoy and having fun together with the Ocs & Team leader.
9th July 2018
All delegates had to left hotel to the Taoyuan Int Airport and the other part of delegates head to post Asia conference schedule.
Happy to be a part of Indonesia delegate. Meet a new friend, my knowledge about animals welfare increased again, emergency, first aid in an animal, effect of euthanasia, and so many things that i have in 9th Asia Conference in Taiwan. It’s amazing when I see the high-tech tools that are used on their Taiwan Animal Hospital. Facilities there are used are also complete I think. I’m really enjoyed and having fun in this event! Let’s meet again at another IVSA event!

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