The 2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week. Report by Nadhira Ayu Salsabila as Best Delegate


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Name: Nadhira Ayu Salsabila
University: Gadjah Mada University

2nd IVSA Indonesia event week was held from 29th of July until 4th of August 2018. With it’s theme “Topics on Wildlife”, the 2nd IIEW introduces Indonesia’s wildlife diversity, culture and also Indonesia Veterinary profession as a Wildlife Vet. The event was held in 2 different city which is Yogyakarta and Bandung. In which there are 6 countries that participated; Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, and Indonesia. The event is organized by members of IVSA Indonesia.

The first day is on the 29th July 2018. It is the arrival day, in which I was picked up at the airport by the OC with few other delegates that also came with flights around 2-3p.m. I met Yoshi from Philippines and Yada from Thailand, as they are the ones that was in the group that I was picked up. After we arrived at the hotel, we register at the desk provided by the OC, told to go to the ballroom around 6.30 p.m for the welcoming dinner and then went to our respective room. My roommate, Sun from South Korea, came a little bit later than I anticipated, after we introduced ourselves, we both then got ready for the welcoming dinner (we’re both still using the same clothes that we arrived in and hotel sandals for the welcoming dinner). I also introduced Sun to Tri, another Indonesia Delegates, and we went to the ballroom together as Tri’s room is next door with Nakyeong from South Korea.

During the welcoming dinner, I get to know Mili and Angela from Taiwan since we sit on the same table during dinner. There is some opening ceremony from the Ocs and then individual introduction, dinner (the menu consist of some of Indonesia traditional food), explanation about some of the events that we’re going to do and some games that we’re playing through out the game. At the end of the welcoming dinner, 1 delegate from each country is chosen to play a game, where they circle a circle of chairs while there is a song playing and when the song stops, everyone is going to try to sit on one of the chair available, the one that doesn’t get a chair, lose, and Yoshi from Philippines won the game. After that we were allowed to go back to our hotel room and rest for the 2nd day.

Our second day, we went to Gadjah Mada University to attend some lectures. We were welcomed by Prof. Dr. drh. Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia as the Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Gadjah Mada University with the hope that event can result in good impression for the delegates. After the speech by the Dean, we then do our first lecture regarding ‘Wildlife Veterinarian in Indonesia’ by Dr. drh. Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka, Sp.MP, M.Sc. from Bogor Agricultural Institute then followed by a second lecture about ‘Primates and it’s diseases’ by Dr. drh. Tri Wahyu Pangestiningsih, M.P.

After the lecture is wrapped up, we were divided into two groups and then is shown the faculty’s facilities and animal hospital owned by the faculty. After the tour is finished we then had our lunch before departing to Borobudur Temple.

Before we went to the main temple area, we went to elephant area inside the Borobudur temple area. We were given insight about the health management of elephant and the importance of mahout during examination for the elephant, we were also given the time to take pictures with the elephant. After that, we went to the temple area, the temple itself is really big and high so we were a little bit tired when we reached the top, but it was beautiful and worth the energy spent.

Then we went to a nearby restaurant to have dinner and went back to the hotel to rest.

Third day rolled by, we went back to Gadjah Mada University for our workshop. In the workshop we learned about blood sampling in fish and doing a necropsy on a soft-shelled turtles. It was my first time seeing a soft-shelled turtle necropsy, so I was really excited. We were also taught how to draw blood from different part of the fish.

After the workshop we went to Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC), it is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation and conservation of wild animals like Orangutan, cockatoos, crocodiles, tortoises, cassowary and many more. drh. Warih Pulung Nugrahani from WRC gave us a presentation about what WRC is doing and how they help the animals. After the presentation we were divided into few groups and then did a tour around the rescue center and after the tour we helped prepare an enrichment for the animals there.

After WRC, we then head back to Yogyakarta to visit Gembira Loka Zoon (GL Zoo). As it is my first time going there although I’ve been studying in Yogyakarta for almost a year, I was really excited. My first impression towards the zoo is that, it’s different from zoos I’ve seen but it’s still just as good. I liked the concept of the zoo and it shows a great biodiversity of Indonesia wildlife animals.

When we’re done we then go to buy some souvenirs and then head to dinner. We have what Indonesian calls ‘Nasi Padang’ I myself order some rendang, and it is really good. After dinner, we go to Tugu Station to catch a midnight train to Bandung.
On the fourth day, we spent the night on the train to Bandung. We arrived at Bandung station around 8 in the morning then we go to a KFC near our hotel for breakfast, since we can’t check in until 2 p.m we took our time eating, some go to a massage place nearby, some go to the mall, but me and Tri (another Indonesia delegate) decide to just prepare for our cultural night for tonight. We and the OC decided that we are going to do a Ge Mu Famire dance for the cultural performance. We also served some Indonesia traditional snack like, chocolate banana chips, tempe, cendol and many more.
During the cultural night, every country is asked to present a performance and after the performance we got to try some food/snack presented by each country and we ended the night by singing and dancing together, it was fun but a little bit tiring.

On our fifth day, we went to a cultural workshop place called ‘Saung Angklung Udjo’ where we get the chance to make our own angklung, more over we can take it home with us

After we’re done with the workshop we then head to Lembang Floating Market, where we have our lunch. There is a wide selection of the lunch that we can have, I bought tempe mendoan and a kebab for my lunch. We got a free time to roam around until 3 p.m and then we head to some souvenir shop around bandung and went to have dinner in a restaurant.

Also during the event there are 3 delegates that we’re planning to do a surprise birthday celebration since their birthday is during the event. The mastermind behind the surprise is Mili (Taiwan) and Tri (Indonesia), so after we get back to the hotel, we went to a nearby mall to buy some cakes and preparation, and then with the OCs help and many others, we managed to throw a surprise party for the birthday girls.
On our sixth day, we went to Trans Studio Bandung, which is an indoor amusement park in Bandung. We got about 6-7 hours free time to have fun by ourselves. I went around with few other delegates, and I’m pretty sure we tried almost all of the rides inside. Around 12 pm we had lunch inside, and also around 1.30 there is a special effect performance, in which we joined and also at 3 pm, they had another some sort of musical show. I really had a great time that day.

After going around the Trans Studio Bandung all day, we went back to the hotel to prepare our farewell dinner. The farewell dinner is held on the rooftop of our hotel and it starts around 6.30 p.m. We also prepared our white t-shirt for the white t-shirt party. During the event we were given our certificate and was asked to deliver a speech about the event. After all the delegates received their certificate. We started the signing each others white T-shirts and then the event is done.

After the farewell dinner, me and some other delegates went to a satay place nearby to eat some satay. After that we went back to our respective hotel rooms to pack for the departure day the next morning.
The last day rolled by, I can’t believe it’s the departure day already. I enjoyed a lot of things that happened during the event. Me and a few other delegates went to the station pretty early in the morning as we have the same train going to Jakarta. It was hard saying good bye, I feel like we should have more time and a week is not enough. But regardless, absolutely humbled by the experience I felt in the 2nd IVSA Indonesia Week Event.

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