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International Veterinary Students’ Association or also known as IVSA is the largest Veterinary Student Association in the world with more than 40.000 active member from 148 chapter from all over the world. IVSA Indonesia or usually known as Ikatan Mahasiswa Kedokteran Hewan Indonesia (IMAKAHI) actively held an International event almost every year. This event purpose was to promote IVSA Indonesia or IMAKAHI to IVSA Global and others IVSA chapters, and also as a platform where all vet students from all over the world gather and exchange their culture and their knowledge in veterinary medicine field.

Some International event that was held by IVSA Indonesia or IMAKAHI are:

  1. IVSA Indonesia – Korea – Switzerland – Malaysia – Taiwan Group Exchange Program 2012;
  2. IVSA Indonesia – Japan Group Exchange Program 2013;
  3. 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia 2014;
  4. IVSA Indonesia Group Exchange Program 2015 with Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Tunisia, and Hungary;
  5. IVSA Indonesia Event Week 2016 (1st – 8th February 2016 in Yogyakarta and Bali)
  6. 8th IVSA Asia Conference 2017 (7th – 13th August 2017 in Surabaya and Malang)

This year, IVSA Indonesia or IMAKAHI held their 7th International Event which is the 2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week. This event was held in Yogyakarta and Bandung from 29th of July until 4th of August 2018. Thirty-one delegations from 16 universities and 6 different country (Malaysia, Filipina, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia) participated in this event. The Organizing Committee chose the theme “Topics on Wildlife” to promote Indonesian biodiversity and also Indonesian culture. Not only Indonesian biodiversity and its culture, this time we also introduce Indonesian Veterinary profession in wildlife animals. The Organizing Committee consist of veterinary medicine students from different universities in Indonesia and also counted as members of IVSA Indonesia or IMAKAHI, the OC are:

  1. President: Lady Konfidenia Chintari (Brawijaya University)
  2. Itinerary: Muhammad Febryan Abiyyu Rifansa (Airlangga University)
  3. Treasurer: Atika Marwa (Gadjah Mada University)
  4. Secretary: Maury Pangestu (Gadjah Mada University) and Febriana Hawa Prameswari (Airlangga University)
  5. Publication, Media, and Documentation: Amanda Yonica Poetri Faradifa (Gadjah Mada University)
  6. Transportation and Accommodation: Andre Firmansyah (Gadjah Mada University) and Zea Shafira Surya (Padjadjaran University)
  7. Consumption: Grace Angelica (Padjadjaran University)
  8. Sponsorship: Victor Decha Zhevanya (Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University)
  • 29th July 2018 (Day-1)

The first day of  2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week started with the pick-up of delegations in Adisutjipto International Airport, Yogyakarta. Organizing Committee (OC) with the help of the Local Committee (LC) from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM happily welcome all the delegates. At night, “Welcoming Dinner” was held to welcoming the delegates and also to officially starting the event with “Potong Tumpeng” ceremony by the President of the OC, Lady Konfidenia Chintari, the event then followed by delegates introduction from each country and also some games.

Figure 1. Welcoming Dinner Party
Figure 2. Introduction of Taiwan Delegate









  • 30 July 2018 (Day-2)

On the second day, the OCs and also delegates are moving to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM to attend some lectures. The Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM, Prof. Dr. drh. Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia said that they happily welcome all the delegates and think that this international event is a good opportunity to build a good relationship with other veterinary students from all over the world and it’s a good chance to expand the knowledge in Veterinary Medicine field from others country perspective. The Dean really hopes that the delegates can enjoy the beauty of Indonesian nature and culture, and also hopes that the delegates can apply the knowledge from this event to their home country. After the welcoming speech from the dean, the first lecture was about “Wildlife Veterinarian in Indonesia” by Dr. drh. Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka, Sp.MP, M.Sc. and followed by “Primate and The Diseases” lecture by Dr. drh. Tri Wahyu Pangestiningsih, M.P. Dr. drh. Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka, Sp.MP, M.Sc. is a lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), she is an expert on wildlife reproduction biotechnology and she used to work as a studbook keeper (recording) of Sumateran’s tiger in Indonesia. Dr. drh. Tri Wahyu Pangestiningsih, M.P. is a lecturer in the Microanatomy (Anatomy Department) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM, she is a wildlife researcher focusing on primates. The lectures were given to educate the delegates about Indonesian Wildlife Animals.

After the lectures, the delegates were split into two groups and was invited to see the facility that owned by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM such as Education and Training Unit of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM (Unit Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan or abbreviated as UP2KH), Coworking Space Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM, and also some of the laboratory that belongs to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM, for example Parasitology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Macroanatomy Laboratory, and Veterinary Public Health Laboratory, Faculty Library, and lastly to visit Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM.

After the tour, the delegates, OC, and also LC were having their lunch before departing to Borobudur Temple. Upon the arrival, we went to elephant area in Borobudur Temple, we learned about health management of the elephants and the important role of the mahout in elephant’s examination. After taking some pictures with the elephant, we moved to the temple. The delegates were very happy to see one of the world heritages closely and also to see Indonesian nature, we ended the Borobudur visit with a group photo in front of the temple.

Figure 3. A group picture with the Deans of FKH UGM


Figure 4. “Wildlife Veterinarian in Indonesia” lecture by Dr. drh. Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka, Sp.MP, M.Sc.


Figure 5. “Primate and The Diseases” lecture by Dr. drh. Tri Wahyu Pangestiningsih, M.P.


Figure 6. Elephants Visit in Borobudur Temple


Figure 7. Elephants Visit in Borobudur Temple


Figure 8. Group picture in front of Borobudur temple


  • 31st July 2018 (Day-3)

At the third day, we went to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM again to have our workshop in “Blood sampling in Fish and Necropsy in Soft Shell Turtles”. After the workshop, we went to Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC) which is a non-profit organization who worked in conservation and rehabilitation of endangered and protected wildlife animals such as Borneo’s orangutan, Borneo’s gibbons (owa), Sumateran’s gibbons (owa), long-tailed macaque, beruk, binturong, siamang, sun bear, cockatoo, nuri bayan, eagles, cassowary, crocodiles, tortoises, and also deer. drh. Warih Pulung Nugrahani gave us a presentation about rehabilitation and conservation programs of Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC). We got a chance to have a tour inside Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC) and do the enrichment for the animals. After we finished exploring WRC, we moved to Gembira Loka Zoo. Gembira Loka Zoo has many varieties of animals. Delegates were so happy to visit Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC) and Gembira Loka Zoo, where they’re able to see Indonesian biodiversity for their knowledge as a veterinarian student. At night, we go directly to Tugu Station after dinner to catch our train to Bandung.

Figure 9. Blood sampling in Fish Workshop


Figure 10. Presentation about Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC)
Figure 11. Group picture in Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC)
Figure 12. Visiting binturong cage in Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC)


Figure 13. Group picture in Gembira Loka Zoo
  • 1st August 2018 (Day-4)

We finally arrived at Bandung at 10.00 AM, and we go directly to Atlantic City Hotel where we’re going to stay for 4 days. The delegates were given free time until 6.30 PM before the cultural night starts. “Cultural Night” was held at 7 PM, where all the delegates and also the OC promote their culture and share their traditional food and beverage, in cultural night the delegates also wore their traditional clothes and perform cultural performance.

Figure 14. Cultural Night
  • 2nd August 2018 (Day-5)

At the 2nd day in Bandung, we went to Saung Angklung Udjo for traditional workshop. In Saung Angklung Udjo, we assembly our own angklung and we’re able to bring back our angklung as the souvenir. After we assembly the angklung, we tried to play a few songs with the angklung, every angklung has different notes and the conductor from Saung Angklung Udjo lead us to make a good harmony. After done with the traditional workshop, we went to Floating Market Lembang to have our lunch. Here the delegates can try many varieties of Indonesian traditional food and drinks such as soto, sate, ketoprak, gado-gado, rujak, durian, and many more! The delegates were so happy to try a lot of Indonesian food that they never tried before.

Figure 15. Angklung Workshop in Saung Angklung Udjo


    Figure 16. Floating Market Lembang
  • 3rd August 2018 (Day-6)

At the sixth day, we went to Trans Studio Bandung. Trans Studio Bandung is an indoor amusement park that connected to a big mall called Trans Studio Mall. We were here until 4 PM and going back to the hotel to held the “Farewell Dinner and White T-shirt Signing Party”. This farewell party started with speech by the Organizing Committee for all the delegates, and followed by handing the certificate to the delegates. When giving the certificate, delegates must also deliver some speech about what they feel towards this event. And lastly, to end the event we did the White T-shirt Signing Party. In White T-shirt Signing Party, the delegates and also the OC sign each T-shirt and wrote small message to the owner of the T-shirt, this is IVSA way to end an event.

Figure 17. Group Pictures in Trans Studio Bandung


Figure 18. Handing Certificate to Delegates


Figure 19. Farewell Dinner and White T-shirt Signing Party


Figure 20. Farewell Dinner and White T-shirt Signing Party


Figure 21. Farewell Dinner and White T-shirt Signing Party
  • 4th August 2018 (Day-7)

This is the last day where almost all the delegates went back to their home country, but some of them extend their stay in Bandung for holiday. The OC helped to deliver the delegates either to the airport or station. With delegates already back to their home country, the “2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week” 2018 has officially end.

     “Thank you for OC, LC, delegates and everyone who helped this event. Without you guys, this event won’t be a success. I really hope IVSA Indonesia or IMAKAHI will always held this kind of International Event and actively participate in other International event!” – President of Organizing Committee, Lady Konfidenia Chintari


“I hope that this event may expand your knowledge in Veterinary Medicine field and build relationship with other delegates and also the OC. And I really hope that this event may be useful for IVSA Global, IVSA Indonesia or MAKAHI, and Veterinary Medicine students all over the world. Thank you for everyone who help us! See you in the next IVSA Indonesia International Event!” – Organizing Committee, Atika Marwa


“Even though this is my first time joining IVSA event, but all the activity in 2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week gave me a lot of new things such as new friends, new tradition and culture, and I even got a new vision about my career. Indonesian facility is really good and I learned a lot from this event.” – Yoshitsugu Kuboyama – IVSA Philippines – University of the Philippines Los Baños


“Indonesia has a lot of cases and animals that we can’t find in South Korea, especially their Wildlife Animals. I really enjoyed our time in Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC), I feel like Indonesia has a strong desire to protect the endangered wildlife animals. IVSA event also give me courage to meet someone new and speak in English.” – Keuntae Lee – IVSA South Korea – Konkuk University


“I’m really interested in Indonesian wildlife animals and I definitely learned a lot of them from this event. In Malaysia, we’re more focused on pet animals, but here in Indonesia everyone was eager to learn about the wildlife animals. This event is experience I will never forget!” – Laxmi Subramaniam – IVSA Malaysia – University of Malaysia Kelantan


Written by:

  • Atika Marwa

Head Department of Public Relation IMAKAHI 2018-2019 (Exchange Officer IVSA Indonesia 2018-2019)

Organizing Committee 2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week 2018

  • Maury Pangestu

Staff Department of Public Relation IMAKAHI 2018-2019 (Exchange Officer Trust IVSA Indonesia 2018-2019)

Organizing Committee 2nd IVSA Indonesia Event Week 2018

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