IVSA Training New Trainer in Barcelona, Report by Shabrina Zakira as Best Delegate

“Training New Trainer” is an event that held in Barcelona, Spain from 15th tp 21th of August 2017. The aim of this event is to create new trainers and developing soft skills. There are 4 trainers, 2 administrator,  5 participants, and 2 lovely dogs. The names of the trainers were Vera Gonzales, Isaac Corderroure, Dani Memapour, and Ruben Viegas. The administrator were Emma van Rooijen and Lara Scherer. Vera, Isaac, and Dani came from spain, and the other one, Ruben, came from Portugal. Emma came from Netherlands, and Lara came from Austria.  Vera and Isaac are the IVSA Candidate Trainer, Dani is a IFMSA Trainer, and Ruben is a EPSA Trainer. The participants names were Alicja Oleszek, Adam Jbenyeni, Tomas Gonzales, Muhammad Faldhy, and Shabrina Zakira (me). Alicia came from Poland, Adam came from Tunisia, Tomas came from Spain, meanwhile me and Faldhy came from Indonesia. Last but not least, the lovely dogs name were Jeffrey and Coco.


In the first day (Tuesday, 15th of August), i arrived in Barcelona and headed to Olivella, a beautiful little village located near Barcelona. This was a challenging day because this is my first time travelling abroad and i have to know how to use the public transportation in Barcelona. I must say that i’m impressed with the roads and the transportation. I could carry my luggage by walking on the streets, which is kinda imposible to do in Indonesia. And the public transportation was really good, it’s making people comfortable to use it. Plus, it has many access to the city and the stops is near to the tourist attraction (no wonder people prefer to use public transportation rather than use their own vehicles). After i’m arrived at Olivella, i’m getting to know with the other people (the participant and the trainers) non formally. Not only getting to know with other people, but i’m also getting to know with the lovely creatures that were welcoming me excitedly, Jeffrey and Coco. They were really happy to met someone new. Vera asked us if we want to go the beach in Sitges and we of course we wanted to, and then we were going to the beach. After having some good talks and good dinner, we headed back to Olivella and took a good rest.

The training started on Wednesday (16th of August). Before the first session, we were setting the rules in the house. The aim of those rules was to making the house comfortable. Not only setting the rules, but we were also setting people to reminding time, cleaning the table, taking dogs for a walk, and setting up the table. Each people will get the different job each day. We also introducing ourself formally. After that, we were having our first session in the first day, the ‘Non Formal Education’ session. In this session the trainers explained to us that the non formal education is the one that we were doing, and it different from formal education and informal education. The difference is the method, evaluating, and dynamics between the teacher and student. The second session is ‘communication’. In this session we were taught how to communicate with people in a better way. It’s important to pay attention with this things: pace, pitch, power (volume), phases, and pronounciation. And the third session is ‘feedback’. In this session we were taught how to give a feedback in a better way. This is my favourite session, because i have a life hack in here. That life hack is ‘BIO’. ‘BIO’ stands for Behaviour, Impact, and Option. How does it works? We have to tell what is wrong, why is that wrong, and what can they do to correct something wrong. If we want to giving  a negative feedback, this one is perfect for me. For example, rather than saying ‘Everyone in university is saying that you are lazy’ , we can say something like ‘You didn’t do your job, it makes our project is not finished. Next time, could you please do your job?’. The aim of ‘BIO’ is giving a feedback with facts and making it more objective. After that we were having the last session,  the ‘Public Speaking’ session. Be direct, clear, looking towards the audience, play with tones, good body language, pay attention to sentence structure can lead to good public speaking. In the end of the last session we were given assignment to have a presentation and i was teamed up with ala (alicja). We agreed that we we will talking about sports. After the session ended, we were having dinner together and the participants will having a reflection of what were we doing in that day, and making sure that the participants understand the session.

In the second day (Thursday, 17th of August) we were having four session. The first session is ‘Facilitation’. In this session we learned that we should consider three things, and those three things are space (the setting, the environment), people (emotions, involvement) and process (Information, operations, energy). The facilitator will throw the ideas and converting it to the result. The second session is the ‘Leadership’ session. In this session we also learned how to be a good leader. A good leader empower his/her team, and it could be done with improving this things: delegation, communication, affirmation, and socializations. The third session is ‘Session Design’. Making a good session could’ve be done if we apply ‘NAOMIE’ that stands for Needs, Aims, Objectives, Methodes, Implementation, and Evaluation. In the end of the day i was having presentation together with Ala, and to be honest i was really nervous. I realized that our presentation was far from perfect but i’m glad that i was doing it because i can learn how to work with people that have a different language from me. And in this day we were having cultural night, we were sharing our food. I was introducing ndomie, dodol, and bon cabe to them; meanwhile Faldhy was introducing maicih, tempe, and other snacks. Turns out they like the snacks but they can’t stand maicih and bon cabe, it was too spicy for them.

In the next day, we were having four sessions. The first session is ‘Creativity’, and in this session we learned how important creativity for delivering a session. The next session is gamification. The third session is trainer ethics, and in this session we learn how to appreciate someone and having a good ethics is important. The last one is 4mat learning, and this session is a key for delivering a session. I learned that a session should start with ‘why’ are we doing this session, and then ‘what’ are doing this session, and ‘how’ do the session, and the last one is ‘what if’ we doing the session in the different way. After we got all of the sessions, we were given a challenging task, Delivering a session! It’s really challenging and exciting at the same time. It’s challenging because i was delivering this session with a someone that i just met in this training. I was teamed up with Tomas, and he really nice to worked with.

On Saturday, 19th of August, we were delivering our session in the last day of the training,. I was beyond nervous but luckily tomas handled the situation, and we were delivering our session nicely (even if i’m kinda screwed in the end). After the participants delivering their sessions, we were having a feedback about our sessions in beach. Later that night, we were having a reflection and farewell. I was really sad, knowing that in a few days i have to go back to Indonesia.

Finally the big day arrived, the ‘walking around in Barcelona’ day on 20th of August! I was super excited, because i could took many pictures in this day.  We were walking 6 hours straight. That was the ‘not fun’ part, because walking that long is not a habbit for me. Besides i’m not a big fan of walking, so.. yeah. We were visiting ‘La Rambla’, the famous place that was attacked on August 17th. We were praying for the victims. It was really emotional, we just stood in silence and stares at the candles, flowers that putted in there. After that we were visiting famous places like Camp Nou, Catalonia Square, Barcelona Cathedral, Park De La Ciutadella, Arc de Triomps, and La Festa Gracia. Too bad Camp Nou closed due to match in evening, so i can’t went inside there. I’m beyond amazed with the architecture of buildings in Barcelona, Gaudi did a really good job in there. I came back to Indonesia in the next day, but before that i drink ‘Orxata’, the famous local drink in there. It was made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tigernuts (chufas), or melon seeds. It was really good!

Joining this event is one of the best decisions in my life. From the event itself, i can tell that my soft skill is improved. At first i was too shy to speak english because my grammar and  my pronounciation is bad, but the trainers help me to keep speaking english. I feel more comfortable to speaking in public and knowing the hacks for giving a negative feedback without hurting people. But aside from this event, this journey makes me realized that this world is big, and i need to travel more. This journey also helps me opening my mind towards people, and learning a lot about Catalan culture. This journey also makes me realize something important that we shouldn’t stereotyping people. I learned it because when the attack has occured and in a few days later i was going to town with my hijab, no one stares me differently, and treat me nicely. Of course, i really appreciated it. I’m going to miss every people that i’ve met in there, and hopefully i will meet them again somewhere, in the other part of this world..

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