IVSA Thailand Summer Event 2017, Report by Rahmitiana Wuri as Best Delegate

1. General Information of the Event

IVSA Thailand Summer Event 2017 is one of the events held by IVSA Thailand. This event aims to fill the summer vacation with holiday in Thailand with other veterinary students all around the world. This event also aims to increase our insight about veterinary, learn the cultures and learning system of veterinary students of other countries, also to add relations. IVSA Thailand Summer Event held place in Bangkok, Chonburi, Pattaya and Chiangmai. This event lasts for a week, from 11th-17th July 2017. And this event is followed by 8 countries, namely: Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Namibia, Philippines, Germany and Indonesia. The Organizing Committees are from IVSA Thailand, there are 11 staffs from IVSA Thailand. They are very friendly and can organize this event very well J

2. Daily Activities

On the 11th July 2017, I went to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to take a flight to Bangkok. I was really scared and nervous that time because that was my first time going abroad alone. Then, I arrived at Don Mueang International Airport and I literally have no idea where I should be going. Fortunately, the staffs from IVSA Thailand came to pick me up from the airport and I safely arrived at CU iHouse Hotel to checked in. At 3 pm, all delegates gathered together to do a welcoming party. We introduced ourselves, played games and divided into groups. This groups was made to make it easier while we travelling.

After that, at 5pm we went to BTS Sky train that would take us to Chaophraya River. We arrived at Chaophraya River at 7pm and then we got on a cruise. We had dinner on a really fancy cruise. We could see the beautiful view of Bangkok City very well at night, and that was amazing. We got to know each other while we eating, because we barely know each others and that was the perfect time for us to know each others. After a pleasant trip on cruise, we went back to CU iHouse by taxi.

On the 2nd day, 12th July 2017, we woke up at 7 am, got ready and ate breakfast. At 9am, we headed to Faculty of Veterinary Science in Chulalangkorn University. We headed there by foot a.k.a walking. Chulalangkorn University is in the center of Bangkok City so it was easy to go there and it was near the CU iHouse. In Chulalangkorn Uiversity we got lecture about FAVA (Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations) from Prof. Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, the general secretary of FAVA.


After the lecture, we visited small animal hospital that still in Chulalangkorn University. The small animal hospital was really great and big. It has so many clinics, such as dermatology clinic, exotic clinic, oncology clinic and the hospital even had CU blood bank for small animal. That’s really impressive. After we walked around the hospital, we ate lunch in the canteen.

Then, we went to Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (Snake Farm). The snake farm was so big and has so many snakes, from different species. And the staffs were doing a performance, like they played with the snakes, or like the audiences can took pictures with the snakes.

Then, we headed to Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. The exhibition was about history of Thailand, about the kings, and all about Thailand cultures. That was really cool because they packed it well so we didn’t get boring even though the exhibition is about history (teenagers tend to get bored easily if they talked about history, right? So yeah that was so cool).

Then at 7pm, we finally had a free time! Yay! I went to Train Night Market to shopping. I bought so many stuffs like souvenirs from Thailand, bought clothes and foods. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard and I didn’t bring umbrella or rain coat. And the Train Night Market was in outdoor, so I literally was soaking wet. But, it’s fine because I really enjoyed the night haha. And finally, at 12am I went back to hotel by taxi. Such a busy day, right.

On the 3rd day, 13th July 2017, we woke up early, ate breakfast and checked out from the hotel. Because 3rd day schedule was going to beach! Woohoo! First, we headed to Underwater World in Pattaya by bus. The bus was cool tho, because it was double decker bus. The bus inside is really spacious I could sit comfortably, we even got blanket and pillow. And because I sat on the 2nd deck, I could see the streets and scenery so well. We arrived in Underwater World at 11am, and you know what, Pattaya was so hot. Like the sun was just right above your head. But, inside the Underwater World was kinda cold because the air conditioner. We saw so many fishes, and we even saw when the staffs fed the stingray fishes. That was so cute.

After we strolled around the Underwater World, we headed to Nangrong Beach at Sattahip. We arrived at 2pm and we checked in at the Baan Din Earth house resort. The house resort was really cool. It was round-shaped house, there was a one spacious bathroom, and surrounded by big window. The room can be filled by 4 people (but I think it could actually filled by 6-8 people, because it was spacious house resort, you know). Then, we got 3-4 hours free time in beach, hooray!

First, we all played together, we played volleyball beach but using balloon that filled with water and we caught the ball with towel that held by 4 people. After that game, we played with the water, played banana boat or kayaking, or maybe just sitting on the shore and took pictures. It was so relaxing.

At 7pm we changed our clothes to traditional clothes and brought our traditional foods because it’s Culture Night! We ate dinner first, btw, when we ate dinner, the weather was so windy. Sometimes it made the plastic plates flew with the wind, haha it was funny tho. When it was culture night, we performed some performance of each country. We, Indonesia delegates, performed “Kopi Dangdut” song with me as the singer. Even though, I really couldn’t sing and I forgot the lyrics HAHA so I’m kinda sorry for everyone that had to listened to my voice lol. And we played “Ular Naga” traditional game, too. Then we ate our traditional foods from each country. We really had a great night.

On the 4th day, 14th July 2017, we ate breakfast and checked out at 10am. I’m kinda sad because we should left the beach L but that’s fine because after that we headed to National Agricultural Fair in Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok. So the agricultural fair basically is about agricultural things converted into some useful things, such as cocoon skin could turn into strings and could be use for making woven fabric, or we could taste ice cream rice-flavored. That was so unique, right?

After we finished strolling around with Rajamangala University students as tour guides, at 2pm we went back to Hua Lamphong railway station. And at 6pm, we headed to Chiangmai using an overnight train. And you know what? The train was really cool! It was a train with bed. So, the passenger seat can be changed into a bed, and it was bunk beds. The bed was really comfortable and has a curtain as a cover. We even got blanket and pillow. So yeah, I really didn’t mind having an overnight trip haha. Because it was a long trip especially overnight trip, there was nothing we can do. We couldn’t talk to each other because it would be noisy. So, we were all decided to just go to sleep early.

In the next day, 15th July 2017, we arrived in Chiangmai Station at 7am. Then, we headed to Le Siri Hotel to checked in and took shower. And, at 9am we went to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Chiangmai University. We got lecture about elephant, about elephant in general, elephant in Thailand, and even about anatomy of elephant.

After that, we went to restaurant to ate lunch and then went to Chiangmai Zoo. There were so many animals that we could see at the zoo, such as lions, tigers, penguins, pandas, koalas, orangutans, etc. We even played game at the zoo, like we should took a selfie with a random Thai person or took selfie with the animals.

Then, we went to Doi Suthep temple by van. Doi Suthep was at the foot of the mountain, so if we want to go there we must passed the winding road and it’s kinda far away from the city. But before we went to Doi Suthep, we headed to Hmong Village first. There were so many markets that sell Thai clothes, souvenirs, traditional foods and the famous Chiangmai coffee. It had beautiful garden just right behind the markets.

After shopping we went to Doi Suthep temple. The temple was so beautiful and peaceful. Btw, if we want to go to Doi Suthep temple, we must climbed a very long ladder. There were so many people that come to pray. Because it’s a holy place, we must use a polite clothes and mustn’t be noisy.

After visited Doi Suthep, we went to Khum Khantoke restaurant to ate dinner. It wasn’t an ordinary dinner, but we could ate while watching a traditional performance. The traditional performance was about Ramayana story. That was really breathtaking performance because they performed really well, wearing great costumes and the music background was so wonderful. Other than that, we ate so many kinds of foods, and it was all-you-can-eat menu so we were free to ate anything as much as we want. After the performance finished and we already so full, we finally went back to Le Siri Hotel.

On the last day together, 16th July 2017, we woke up very early and ate breakfast in hotel. We headed to Elephant Nature Park. It took 2 hours drives by van. We arrived at Elephant Nature Park at 10am. The Elephant Nature Park was so pretty! So many elephants (of course), buffalos, dogs and cats. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants. We were allowed to feed and bathed the elephants. We could even touch and took a picture together with the elephants (or the buffalos).

After that, some of us went rafting, me included. At first, I didn’t want to go rafting because I didn’t want to get wet and I didn’t bring a dry clothes. But, I’m tempted so I’m going, haha. The river for rafting was so huge and lots of rocks, so it was very thrilling and exciting. I planned just get a little wet, but in the middle of rafting, my friend pulled me to swam in the river. So, I was soaking wet. And then, I went back to Le Siri Hotel with a very soaked clothes. Fortunately, I didn’t get a cold because of that. After some of us finished rafting, we took a bath. And at 7pm, we went to Thapae Walking Street, to shopping. It was the last night in Thailand L but, I met my childhood friend (actually it’s my junior high school friend). She’s Thai, and she’s living in Thailand especially in Chiangmai. So, I planned on spending the night with her, yaay! I went to burger restaurant, and talked a lot with her. Even though, it’s been a long time we didn’t meet or contacted each other, we’re still a good friend.

After that, she (actually it was his brother) drove me back to Le Siri Hotel. And because it was the last night and last day in Thailand, we said goodbyes to each other L it was really sad. I made letter to everyone (that being close friend to me) and gave it to them personally, because there was a box to store the letters, and we could bring it home.

The last day, I woke up early so I could catch my flight. The weather that morning was the same as my feelings, it was raining so hard. I ate my breakfast and saying goodbye to each other. It was really sad and I didn’t want this to end L but there’s nothing I could do, so I still need to go back home. Then, I was picked up by my childhood friend and we went to the airport. And short story, I took a flight to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok first, then went back to Jakarta.

3. Benefit from the Event

I think there are so many benefits that I get from this event. Even though this event is not something like conference or congress event, and it just some holiday event, I really have a great time. I made a lot of new friends from various countries. And because of them, I know that every countries have so many differences. But that doesn’t make us any different. Even though our cultures, our beliefs, our races are different, we still can be a good friend. I get so many new knowledges and new informations, such as new knowledge about elephants and snakes because I have the chance to get near them. I even have a chance to feed, touch, take a picture and bath the elephants. And I can see so many species of snakes (in snake farm) and in Elephant Nature Park I get to know a lot about elephant. I experience so many things that are new for me, like going abroad alone, taking flight alone and other things that I usually depends on other people but right then I should do it alone for myself.

Other than that, when I visited the small animal hospital I was really in awe. Because the hospital is really cool. I never thought there would be a hospital that has so many facilities for small animal. And just for that, I can see that so many Thai people really love and care their pet because the hospital is always full. That means, Thai people always take care their pet well, always check up even though their pet isn’t sick, and they even wait for their pet when it hospitalized. It really opens my mind that so many people love animal and treat animal so well. Because before I went to Thailand, I always thought that most people would hurt animal and make they suffer. But I’m clearly wrong, because there are so many people love animal as much as they love human (or maybe more). This event taught me to see the world from different point of view.

I also very impressed because Thai people are so humble and always smile J I think Thailand and Indonesia is not that different, because we are still in the same ASEAN and it makes us having kind of same culture, same weather, and same personality.

Thailand itself is really amazing. In 2016, Bhumibol Adulyadej (king of Thailand) passed away. And when I went to Thailand (in July 2017), everyone is still grieving. You can see that Thai people always wearing black clothes or they’re using black ribbon, it’s a sign for their condolences to the king. They even put the king pictures (a very big picture) in everywhere and in every corner of the cities (like put it on billboard, on the wall, or on the tall tower). Even when you go to the countryside, you can still see the king pictures in their house wall. And when I asked Thai people, they will do it for about a year. It means that Thai people are really love, loyal and very respect their king with all their hearts. It really amazes me.

So, the summary, I’m really really glad and grateful can join this IVSA Thailand Summer Event. I had a great time and met so many great people, too. I’m glad I can create good memories in Thailand because the best thing about memory is it stays with you forever J And I can’t wait to join another IVSA event in the future.

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