IVSA 8th Asia Conference, Report by Maury Pangestu as Best Delegate

8th Asia Conference in Indonesia was held from 7-13 August 2017. The purpose of this event was to buid a relation between all IVSA members in Asia. This program not only contains academic activities but also another cultural and exciting activities.

This event started at 7th of August when all the delegates supposed to came this day, I arrived at around 4 p.m and the OC directly escort me to the room. My roomate, Rebecca from China came together with all the Chinese delegates around 6 p.m. At around 7.30 p.m, the OC told us to come to another hall to have a welcoming dinner. In this welcoming dinner, all delegates came in front and introduce their self. There were six countries who joined this event including IVSA chapter Indonesia, IVSA chapter Japan, IVSA chapter South Korea, IVSA chapter Thailand, IVSA chapter China, and also IVSA chapter Philipine. By this event we also made a poll to decide what food are we going to eat on the next day and also to decide what workshop are we going to attend on the day after tommorow. The welcoming dinner end at around 10 p.m but some of us deciding to go to the nearest mini market to buy things that we forgot to bring from our country.

On the next day, we move to Airlangga University at around 8 a.m and at 8.45 a.m the opening ceremony started, after that there were some welcoming speech from the president of 8th Asia Confrence (M. Febryan Abiyyu), president of IVSA chapter Indonesia (Aditya R.), president of Airlangga University Student Board Association, and also president of Indonesian Veteriner. The president of Indonesian Veteriner said that we as a student should be ready for the future and to make a better environment. At 9.20 a.m the first lecture starts for arounf 1 hour, from this lecture we as a vet students got a lot of basic knowledge of a Vet, the lecture mainly talked about the function of Vet, current vet problems, etc. There were also some of the delegates who gave some question to the lecturer regarding the topic.

After a short break, we continued to the second lecture, the lecture is about being an Orangutan vet, drh.  as the speakers said that orangutan held important role in the jungle, such as being the seed dispenser. Orangutan also being the parameters of healthy forest. She also told us about her experience of being Orangutan vet in a conservation, the conservation goals itself were to keep the forest, rescue the orangutan, and also create new population. And the roles of a veterinarian in conservation were to support the rescue, held the management in rescue centre, make sure the population are healthy, and to analyze and investigate disease.

After we had a lunch, we moved to the laboratory and we had a physical examination class for snake and iguana. After we finished the physical examination class we continued to play some games that the OC has already prepared before, we are being split into small group consist of 5-7 peoples and we played some games both traditional and modern to earn some money, unfortunately my group didn’t win this game. We moved to Padang restaurant to get our dinner, mostly, it was their first time trying Rendang and Ayam pop, I personally chose Ayam Pop over Rendang because I’ve never tried Ayam Pop before. All the delegates said that they really like Indonesian food.

On the second day, we went to Airlangga University again to attend lecture about ‘Control of Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Disease’, in this lecture, the lecturer mainly talked about how Zoonotic disease might affect human health and even economical things. After the lecture, we’re divided into three groups for our next workshop, Traditional dance group, Pencak Silat group, and Cooking group. I’m actually signed up for Pencak Silat (Indonesian traditional martial arts) class, but I was moved to Cooking class because the Pencak Silat class was already full. In this cooking class, we learned how to cook Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and also Martabak, I’ve cooked Nasi Goreng so many times but it was my first time cooking Martabak. Our workshop class ended first so while we waited for other delegates, we took a lot of photos.


After we finished our workshop class, we had lunch together, but mostly all of Cooking class member already full because of the Martabak and Nasi Goreng that we made while ago. We continued to have a tour in ITD (Institute of Tropical Disease), here, they showed us their modern equipment, but the staff said that because the equipment was a gift from Japan, all of the instruction was in Japanese language so the found it hard to understand how to operate the machine.

At night, we were invited to had a dinner with mayor of Surabaya, Mrs. Risma, Mrs. Risma was really popular here in Indonesia as one of the best Mayor in Indonesia, I’m really excited to meet her but unfortunately she’s out of town so we only had a dinner with her staff. We’re welcomed by Surabaya traditional dance, I’ve never seen this dance but the dance was so good and the dancers were really expert. The food itself was super delicious, they gave us a lot of traditional food and the other delegates couldn’t stop asking for more.

On the third day, we went to Malang, the wake up call was really early I even slept in the lobby, and when we’re on the bus, all of us were asleep. Our first stop in Malang was in BBIB Singosari, BBIB Singosari was located in Singosari district which was colder than in Surabaya, the delegates (including me) was happy with the wather. They showed us about how they produced and doing Artificial Insemination procedure, to be honest, it’s my third time here in BBIB Singosari. With a small choo-choo train, we go around the place and saw many kinds of cows and goats from many kind of race, we even went to their laboratory.

After we finished our schedule in BBIB Singosari, we moved to Brawijaya University to get a lecture about ‘Biologic Molecular’ with the Dean of Brawijaya University and our third workshop which in ‘Reptile Necropsy’, in Reptile Necropsy workshop, the speaker was my college teacher named Mr. Slamet, he’s really expert in exotic animal so it’s really easy for him to demonstrate the necropsy procedure. It’s also my first time doing this kind of activity so at first I’m a little bit afraid of the snake, some of the delegates which older than me even said that it was their first time doing necropsy in wild animals like this. Fortunately, with the help of the assistant, we’re able to did the necropsy towards the green snake even though it’s pretty hard since the snake experienced ‘Rigor Mortis’ which made him really stiff.

At night, we prepared for the Cultural Night, it’s a session where all the delegates promote their traditonal arts, traditional food, and even traditional games. The first performance was from Thailand delegates, they performed Thailand traditional dance mixed with teatrical, it’s really funny. The second one was from China delegates, they looked really pretty and elegant with their traditional clothes and their traditional dance. After that, Japanese delegates performed the famous ‘Heavy Rotation’ dance, all the delegates joined them in front. The next one was Philipine delegate, he performed solo stage of his traditional song, he seems really into the song. As for Indonesian delegates, we performed our traditional games called ‘Ular Naga Panjangnya’ and some of other deleates joined us. Lastly, Korean delegates hyped up the night by performing K-pop dance, its really tiring yet funny.

In the morning, we prepared to go to Brawijaya University to had a tour in Bioscience, in Bioscience they showed us about their laboratory and their place to keep the laboratory rat which equiped with a lot of modern equipment such as treadmill for their rat to excercise.

The next schedule was to visit Jatim Park 2, it’s an amusement park plus zoo which filled with educational things, here we had a free time until 5 p.m, after that, we went to Brawijaya Souvenir Shop and ate dinner at steak restaurant. At the restaurant, we talked a lot of things and I personally thinks that I felt way much closer with other delegates at this time, we talked a lot of things such as travelling in their country, recommended place to visit in their country, best traditional food, etc.

At the sixth day, we’re going back to Surabaya so we packed our belonging and we prepared to go rafting, again, it’s my first time doing rafting and I need to tell you that it’s really fun, I was in the same boat with Pleng, Abiyyu, Pil, and Claire and we couldn’t stop laughing, my stomach even hurt from laughing too much.

After we finished rafting, we went back to the bus and continued our trip to go back to Surabaya, all of us were sleeping because we’re tired of the rafting, around 1-2 hours we arrived in Surabaya and we prepared for the Farewell Party. In the Farewell Party, the OC announced the winner of last game and they called all the delegates by the chapter to stand in front and said our opinion towards this event. We also had the signing event where we brought a white t-shirt and we asked for another delegates signature, we didn’t only sign the t-shirt but we also wrote small memo for the owner of the t-shirt, I’m really sad that this event has come to an end, all of the delegates were so kind and funny I dont’t want to say goodbye.

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