8th IVSA Asia Conference in Indonesia

The organizing committees have successfully held the 8th IVSA Asia Conference in Indonesia on August 7th to August 13th 2017 in Surabaya and Malang with the theme “Animal Health for a Better World”. 6 countries from Asia was also contributing in this annual IVSA event, these countries are Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and China. 

IVSA Asia Conference is an annual event held by IVSA chapters in Asia. The previous IVSA Asian Conference was held in Thailand. The host of the next IVSA Asia Conference will be chosen in an agenda called “Asian Assembly” which is required in every IVSA Asia Conference. Other compulsory agendas included Cultural Night/Cultural Evening, Lectures, Workshops and Tours. 

In this Asia Conference, we have amazing lectures delivered by wonderful lecturers from all over Indonesia, such as “The Importance of Veterinarian in Indonesia” delivered by Prof. Drh. Bambang Pontjo Prioseoryato, MS., Ph.D., ApVet., Dipl. ACCM, “Being an Orangutan Vet” delivered by drh. Fransiska Sulistyo, “Control of Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases” delivered by Dr. Agnes Soelih Estoepangestie, DVM, “Molecular Genetic Markers for Biodiveristy Analysis in Wild Animals Population” delivered by Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am. DVM., DES. We also had amazing workshops which are “Reptile Physical Examination” lead by Prof. I Komang Wiarsa Sardjana, DEA, drh. in collaboration with the Exotic Club of Airlangga University and “Reptile Necropsy” lead by drh. Slamet Raharjo, MP. in collaboration with Anatomy Lab Assistants of Brawijaya University. 

IVSA is the biggest veterinary students association in the world. Thus, the main purpose of IVSA Asia Conference is to gather and maintain good relationship between each chapter of IVSA in Asia. One of the required agendas is the Cultural Night, which has been the most favorite agenda in any IVSA Asia Conference. In this agenda, all the countries were required to bring their national food & drinks and also show their traditional performances, it could be any kind of performance such as dancing, singing or even playing games. They also had to wear their traditional costumes. This was a great way to exchange cultures and getting to know each country better. 

Other agendas which always occurred in any IVSA Asia Conference are white t-shirt signing party, and of course, welcoming and farewell dinner. White signing t-shirt party is also one of the schedules to make closer relationship between the delegates. They had to write their thoughts about a particular delegate on that delegate’s white t-shirt. While welcoming and farewell dinner are basically a dinner on the first day of the Conference, which was the opening ceremony and introduction of the whole event and delegates, and a dinner on the last day which was a closing ceremony and farewell party. 

In Asian Assembly that was held on the 5th night of Asia Conference, Taiwan has been chosen as the next host of IVSA Asia Conference, the 9th IVSA Asia Conference 2018 which will be held on next summer vacation. We wanted to congratulate IVSA Taiwan for being chosen as the next host and we wished you good luck of organizing this huge event. 

The overall event was a big success. This is the biggest event that has been held this year by IMAKAHI (IVSA Indonesia), especially Public Relation Team. We hope, IVSA Indonesia could give even bigger contribution in the future. (Lady, 08/25) 

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