The 66th International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) Congress in Malaysia

The 66th International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) Congress is the world largest veterinary student congress. This IVSA Congress is annually conducted with the involvement of two hundred veterinary students from various countries who are members of IVSA. This year, the 66th IVSA Congress was held on 24th July to 4th August 2017 in Malaysia, specifically in three different cities, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and Kelantan.
IVSA Chapter Indonesia or locally known as IMAKAHI (Ikatan Mahasiswa Kedokteran Hewan Indonesia) sent 12 delegations including two students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Andre Firmansyah and Atika Marwa, five students of Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Muhammad Dzaky, Jasmine Arumsari, Luluk Lailatul, Siti Vanessa Fransiska Makapuan, and Hafida Fitrotun, twostudents of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Lady Konfidenia Chintari and Istiqfarani Sanputri, two students of Universitas Udayana (UNUD), Dinda Nur Hidayah and Sindika Anastasya, andone student of Universitas Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya (UWKS), Aditya Rachmad Wisudawan as the President of IVSA Chapter Indonesia / IMAKAHI 2017-2018.
The agenda of The 66th IVSA Congress are General Assembly (GA), lecturer, workshop, live and silent auction, international stands, and cultural night. More details can be found here. The General Assembly was divided into seven sessions, the GA sessions 1 – 3 were held at the Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar Universiti Putra Malaysia (FPV UPM), the GA sessions 4 was held at World Youth Hostel on the way to Malacca, the GA sessions 5 – 6 were held at Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort Kelantan, and the last GA was held back at FPV UPM. During the General Assembly (GA), delegations discussed about the past and the future of IVSA. All members have right to vote the documents which are the bylaw amendments documents (the topics are online attendance, membership fee for alumni individual supportive member, and national MOs), two policy papers (one policy paper for approval on the topic Mental Health in the Veterinary Profession and one policy paper for discussion on the topic Canned Hunting), three memorandum of understanding (MoU) between IVSA – EAEVE, IVSA – IFMSA, and IVSA – Vetstream.
During the General Assembly, the Executive Committee (ExCo) awarded the ‘Excellence Award’ to an IVSA member that, in their opinion, has excelled within their position in IVSA. This award was made to recognize the great work these winners have been doing and motivate others to follow their lead. The ‘Excellence Award’ goes to Rosie Herrington from IVSA UK & Ireland who has been involved in pushing all the vet schools to do exchanges in the UK, attended the World Health Assembly as the IVSA member and spreading the word about IVSA. The ExCo awarded the ‘Honorary Life Membership’ to Emma van Rooijen as the one who shown her passion for IVSA, kept updating the manuals and bylaws every year, and took on many tasks such as IVSA Secretary General, IVSA Trustee, and organized TNT events. The ExCo also awarded the top 10 Member Organizations to IVSA Taiwan, IVSA Czech Republic, IVSA South Africa, IVSA Malaysia Selangor, IVSA UK & Ireland, IVSA Slovakia, IVSA Lyon France, IVSA Warsaw Poland, IVSA Tunisia, and IVSA Thessaloniki Greece and the top 3 Group Exchange to IVSA Slovakia – IVSA Ghent Belgium, IVSA Kosovo – IVSA Lyon France, IVSA Cluj-Napoca Romania – IVSA Slovakia.


General Assembly

The agenda on General Assembly also discussed about the Reports of the IVSA Officials 2016-2017, WSAVA Global Dental Guidelines, forming the Ad Hoc Committee on Collaboration with Global Health Organizations (AHCCGHO), IVSA financial report of 2016-2017 and IVSA financial budgeting of 2017-2018, Exchange Officer meetings, the nominations for IVSA Officials 2017-2018 (Executive Committee, Secretariat, Trustee, Committee Chairs and Working Group positions)and for hosting the 67th IVSA Symposium.
During The 66th IVSA Congress, lectures and workshop are conducted by the FPV UPMlecturerreferring to One Health as the theme of The 66th IVSA Congress. The workshop also provided by some experienced speakers in One Health, avian, wildlife, small animal, and large animal. Another lectures also conducted by the partners of IVSA, such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Animal Protection (WAP) to open the horizon of how the role of the organization in handling various situation of animal health and animal welfare in the world.
Besides all of the above, the Development Aid Director (DAD) has a program called silent and live auction. The goal of the program is to raise funds and provide assistance to veterinary schools in some developing countries by providing laboratory tools and scholarships to highly motivated students. Silent auction is the auction of goods carried by the delegates from their country and the person who wants the goods must write down the amount of money they will spend on the item, and the highest value of money will get it. While the live auction is an auction of goods by way of the auctioneer mention the value of the money when the goods offered to the delegates.
International stands was an agenda where the delegations from different countries can show how their MO runs and what programs do they have, sharing information about their university activities and exchanges programs. Cultural night is the night where the delegations can learn the culture of various countries. Generally, delegates will wear their country’s traditional clothes and served variety of foods and drinks brought directly from the country.

Indonesian delegates in International Stands

The delegates also did a city tour in Kuala Lumpur such as Kuala Lumpur City Center, Twin Tower, Putrajaya area and Batu Caves. While in Malacca they enjoyed the beautiful Malacca river and the street food along Jonker street and Kelantan served a beautiful “Bisikan Bayu” beach.
The 66th IVSA Congress in Malaysia provided countless lessons and valuable experience to all delegates. Be an open-minded person to respect all difference, building a lifetime friendships, sharing cultures, knowledge and learning systems on veterinary education. Last but not least, congratulation to Andre Firmansyah who was elected as a Secretary of Member Organization Director (MOD) IVSA Official Global 2017-2018.

Group photo of all delegates

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