2nd Indo Pet Expo and 14th KIVNAS


The 2nd Indopet Expo and The 14th KIVNAS is the largest event made for pet animal as it brought together pet owners and animal activists across Indonesia. These events was held on September 23rd till 25th 2016 in ICE BSD City, South Tangerang. It is hosted by Indonesia Veterinary Medical Association (PB PDHI). For this year, IVSA Indonesia got an honor to contribute at this event. There are about 40 students from UNSYIAH, IPB, UGM, UNAIR, UWKS, and UB that attended at this event. This annual event amazingly got positive feedback from both visitors and exhibitors which not only came from Indonesia, but also Malaysia, South Korea, and many more. The visitors were varies from pet lovers, actresses, even politician that has special interest in pet animal. While the exhibitor who contributed to the expo were consist of pet care providers, medical care providers, breeders, pet clothing line, animal welfare organizatons, pet farms, pet products, pet food and bites, pet supplements and nutritional products, bed and accessories, training equipment and entertainment providers.

In this event, IVSA Indonesia assigned to certain duties. The first team got duty to accompany and educate the invited kindergarten as well as elementary school students. The second team got duty in Check Point. This is one of the most crucial points of the expo. This spot is functioned to make sure all the animals that enter the expo are in the good condition and well behaved. Thus, all the animals in the expo is prevented from the spread of diseases and parasites.
The third team got duty on ticketing. The ticket price of 2nd Indopet Expo 2016 for kids is 15.000 rupiah and 25.000 rupiah for adults. In this year, the sold ticket reached about more than 30.000 tickets. The fourth team got duty on scanning. There was also a barcode given to the animals that has passed checkpoint and it must be scanned by the team. If the ticket and the animal barcode were qualified, the visitor and pet could enter the expo.


As veterinary students who contributed to the event, despite of the super tiring working hour during the event, they fortunately get new knowledge, experiences, and of course relations. It varies from vet students across the country, colleague, vets, animal lovers communities, even firms.
That’s all report from us, see you on 3rd Indopet Expo and KIVNAS 2017 on ICE BSD City, Tangerang!

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